Xavier High School

Xavier High School is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Academic excellence paired with extracurricular opportunities and exposure to American life. Xavier High School is a rigorous college preparatory school that offers a wide array of Advanced Placement courses and gives students intensive, individualized assistance for college applications. 96% of graduates continue on to enroll in colleges across the United States and the world. As a mid-sized private school, Xavier is able to offer an incredible array of courses as well as a strong and diverse Fine Arts department and one of the most successful athletic programs in Iowa - while still being able to maintain individual attention to each student. The school is also able to offer a wide selection of community service opportunities, from environmental protection to aiding the homeless and more. As a Catholic school, Xavier strives to assist each student to a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, and provides a learning atmosphere where creativity and innovation are honored and celebrated.


School TypeSchool Type
Private School


Program TypeProgram Terms

TestEnglish Tests

14 - 19 Years

High School Diploma

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