Wichita Christian School

Founded in 1963, Wichita Christian School is located in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Wichita Christian School’s core principles include educating the whole child spiritually, physically, and academically. Wichita’s classes offer a challenging curriculum, which includes college preparatory academics with Pre-AP in most classes, while also providing small class sizes and individualized attention. The academic program builds on critical thinking skills taught in earlier education. Students are supported by instructors who build upon Christian values and teach students leadership skills for successful living. Teachers encourage the love of learning and help students reach their full potential. They provide guidance and broadening of spiritual life so all students feel confident academically, spiritually, and physically. A well-rounded faith-based education not only includes a 4x4 curriculum, but chapel twice per week, music, arts, physical education, and Bible classes as well. Electives in areas such as drama, consumer science, psychology, jazz band, choir, art, yearbook, and advanced technology are available.


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Private School


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Over 12

High School Diploma

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