Orange County Public Schools

Orange County Public Schools is a large, well-organized district of over 20 high schools right in the heart of Florida.

The schools excel in all areas - academic, athletic, and artistic, and all students find a home at each high school. Students can attend Apopka High School, which emphasizes academic achievement, character building, and extracurricular. Or, they could choose Boone High School, whose purpose is to provide rigor, reading, relevance, and relationships for its students. Colonial High School, another option, is a school whose mission is to lead its students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community. Many more excellent schools can be found in the Orange County Public School network, and the area is full of culture and activities.

School TypeSchool Type
Public School

9-12th Standard

Program TypeProgram Terms
August Full Year

TestEnglish Tests

Under 18 Years

IB Diploma

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